Aboard the MV Polar Star

MUSIC: "Jesus is the Only Answer" by Bela Fleck

Coming aboard, Wednesday January 16. (Photo by Polar Star staff.)

Leaving Ushuaia... the flag of Barbados (country of registry) flying from our aft deck.

Good-bye world!

Champagne welcome party. (Photo by Polar Star staff.)

Our cozy cabin, 419. Perfect location: just downstairs from the observation lounge.

The observation lounge, our "living room" for the cruise: 24 hour coffee, tea, juices, cookies. Location of Happy Hour every evening, various lectures, briefings, slides shows, and general tomfoolery.

The observation lounge, with its large windows and comfy chairs, was one of the reasons I chose the Polar Star for our cruise.

Lifeboat drill. (Photo by Polar Star staff.)

Tour of the engine room.

Learning how the ship runs. (Photo by Polar Star staff.)

The bridge. The Polar Star has an "open bridge" policy, meaning anyone can visit, day or night.

You had to be quiet on the bridge, and be careful where you sat and what you touched.

On either side of the bridge there were outside "wings" or small decks that overlooked the bow. It was one of Rob's favorite places to hang out while we were under steam.

A GPS screen in the Observation Lounge showed our current location throughout the trip. Here we are about to leave the Beagle Channel and enter the dreaded Drake Passage. Heading south, we experienced fairly calm seas, though the swells made plenty of people seasick. Those of us wearing the scopolamine patches felt no nausea, but the patches produced some unpleasant side effects. (Photo by Polar Star staff.)

The MV Polar Star is a 280' ice breaker that carries no more than 100 passengers. There were 65 passengers on our cruise.

The aft deck, one of the most popular places for outdoor viewing. It shielded you from the wind.

Nice shades!

Cruising by glaciers.

Our friend Christine.

Rob enjoying morning coffee on the aft deck with our friend Patrick (Christine's husband).

Where the zodiacs sleep.


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